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Candidate Assessment


Without the right people to execute it, your strategic plans and vision will never be fulfilled.  Via the use of modern assessment instruments, we can help you find the right people to hire or to promote, those that have not only the right skills but the right personality for your organization. Our assessments are tailored for the staffing needs of your company. 

Management and Executive Coaching


Most managers are promoted because they were good “do-ers,” but managers use an entirely different set of skills than do-ers.  We offer opportunities to coach and guide managers and leaders at all levels of your organization to help them develop and hone skills to expand your business and create growth opportunities for your employees.

Strategic Planning


This is one of our areas of expertise and passion!  We can help you understand not only your market, but also your place in it.  This involves a deep dive into the market in which you compete and into your organization itself.  We want to help to have the right people and the right plan!

​Retained Support


Even without acute needs, many organizations like to know that they have ready access to a seasoned consultant who is only a phone call or an email away. For organizations that would like to have Bill’s counsel and input on a moment’s notice, we offer programs for retained support..


​Organizational Development


Successful organizations are those that learn and grow in response to the opportunities and changes that occur in the marketplace.  This often involves multiple staff members taking on new roles and developing new skills – at the same time.  We are able to support not only your leadership, but your team during these times of change, helping everyone stay on the same page, focused on the same goal, and communicating effectively.

​Cultural Evaluation

Every organization has a culture, its unwritten way of dealing with people and situations.  Some cultures are very conducive to positive growth while some are unhealthy or toxic.  What is up in your workplace?  Are you fostering a healthy work environment or one that working against your goals for growth and success?

​Stategic Review


If you already have a strategic plan in place, we can conduct a thorough review of it and evaluate how current and complete it is.  Like an annual checkup with your physician, this review can help you have confidence that you are in good shape to compete and thrive as the world around you changes.

We are ready, willing, and able to assist you in achieving your success.  We can help assess your external and internal environments, evaluate the fit between candidates and your organization, assist with management and leadership development, and provide guidance on the implementation of strategic plans.

Professional Assessments​


We are proud to offer a full array of quality professional assessments published by Sigma Assessments.  These instruments are rigorously tested for validity and reliability and represent the state of the art.

Organizational Consulting

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