Career and Resume Services

Crawford.Solutions, LLC is excited to be expanding the services that it offers!


This firm, led by organizational psychologist and business strategist Bill Crawford, Ph.D., helps organizations succeed.  Among other things, we work with companies to ensure that they have a viable, competitive strategy, relevant, practical tactics, and the needed skills and personalities in its workforce.  As we have helped organizations find the right people, we also saw the need to help people not only find the right organizations, but to understand their gifts and talents to find their right employment opportunity.


So, we are starting to offer resume services, but not just the creation of impactful and eye-catching resumes.  As a part of our services and our partnership with Sigma Assessments, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to learn about the career opportunities that best fit their interests and motivations via either the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey or the Jackson Career Explorer.  Both of these valid and reliable instruments have been used for decades to help individuals learn what career interests fit them the most.  As with all Sigma Assessments, they are only available through qualified professionals who are trained in psychological testing and assessment.


After completing the appropriate assessment, each client receives a one-on-one consultation explaining the results obtained and the career options that seem the most appropriate in light of them.  From there, our resume staff works with each client to help highlight the most desirable parts of their employment history and education to help focus on their strongest gifts and talents. 


Our goal is help each client find his or her best career opportunity and not just another job.

Dr. Bill Crawford; PhD, MS is the founder and principal consultant at Crawford.Solutions.  He is an organizational psychologist, college professor, business strategist, and management consultant.  In more than twenty years in higher education, he has helped hundreds of students develop their gifts and talents and find success in the workplace.


Amy Crawford-Kramme has earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is pursuing her Master’s degree.  She is an experienced resume writer, having worked with dozens of clients while on staff at a premier resume firm.  She is able to bring an understanding of the psychological principles used in our assessment processes and the practical experience of writing resumes that get attention and create a memorable impression for each client.


For more information, please contact Amy Crawford-Kramme at or 918-984-1651.



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